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Alexander Faulkner Partnership

As of October 1st 2021, the Managing Agent changed to Alexander Faulkner Partnership (AFP) replacing Dack Property Management.      

For AFP general contact information please read this document (this is also displayed as a poster in the building lobbies)

AFP Introduction & Contacts

Management Queries – if you have any issues you would like to discuss, please call in to the Site Office during normal working hours or via the e-mail / telephone contact information on this page. Note that AFP on-site times are Tuesday & Thursday 9am-4pm (the Estate Manager and/or other staff are there at other times).


GQRC Site Office – 023 9275 5100

AFP Contact

Hannah Forrest – 07979 565194

Site Team

Estate Manager 

Kurt Penfold

On-site during the hours of: 8:30am to 17:00pm



023 9275 5100

Out Of Hours



023 9387 3951
(AFP – from 5 pm to 9 am)

Defect Reporting

Whilst we work hard to resolve issues around the site the reporting of issues will expedite this.  If residents notice any unresolved issues on the site such as damage to bollards and street lights not working etc.

Please use the form below to report it to the site team for action :